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All 3 Superlatte Flavours: All with Ashwagandha

All 3 Superlatte Flavours: All with Ashwagandha

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Get all 3 flavours in one pack (Ruby, Gold and Blue)!

Ruby Latte = Ashwagandha + Beetroot

Gold Latte = Ashwagandha + Turmeric

Blue Matcha Latte = Ashwagandha + Blue Matcha


The Perfect Decaf Brew:

For a healthy, colourful and Ayurveda inspired latte loaded with amazing ashwagandha - add one teaspoon to your mug and then top with hot milk of your choice. Add honey/alternative sweetener if you like. Super easy super colourful super latte! 

Benefits to Savor:

  • Caffeine Free/100% decaffeinated
  • Ashwagandha known to support stress relief
  • Ashwagandha known to support sleep quality
  • Ingredients such as blue matcha and beetroot known for their high antioxidant content for the protection against antioxidative stress
  • Ingredients such as turmeric known to be anti-inflammatory to supports Immune System 
  • Vegan
  • Keto friendly
  • Made in the UK 
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% recyclable packaging

Key ingredients:

Ashwagandha: Your Stress-Busting Shot

Ashwagandha, valued in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, plays a pivotal role in modulating the body's stress response through its adaptogenic properties. This potent herb regulates cortisol levels, reducing the physiological effects of stress, and fostering mental clarity and focus. It has also been shown to improve sleep quality. The result? Improved cognitive function and emotional resilience.

Blue Matcha: A Splash of Antioxidant

Derived from the butterfly pea flower, Blue Matcha is a source of polyphenols and anthocyanins, potent antioxidants known to combat oxidative stress. These antioxidants support overall health, including the promotion of youthful skin and cellular vitality, and enhance mood.

Turmeric: Nature's Gold Rush

Turmeric enriches your latte with curcumin, a bioactive compound with potent anti-inflammatory properties. This contributes to systemic well-being and supports your body's natural defense mechanisms.

 Beetroot powder: Nature's Elixir of Energy

Our blend features Beetroot Powder, a potent source of nitric oxide precursors, enhancing vasodilation and blood flow. This supports improved energy metabolism and sustainable vitality.

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